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An Ever Present Reminder

“An Ever Present Reminder” A Review of Bitter Harvest by Nick Olszyk
MPAA Rating, R USCCB Rating, NR Reel Rating, Three Reels            
             The history of “Fatima’s century” is marked with blood, most famously the Holocaust where six million Jews were systematically murdered in an attempt to stamp out their race. This was not the first and certainly not the last in that era. Bitter Harvest is a fictional tale that documents the Holodomor, where Soviet authorities created an artificial famine that killed at least three million Ukrainians in just over a year yet is virtually unknown in the West except by those who fled its horror. In the United States, we often define poverty in terms of unemployment or lack of social mobility, yet for most of the world, literal starvation is an ever present reality. As a work of cinema, the film itself is rather unimpressive, yet even if it were worse, it would be impossible to not recommend it. This story needs to be told.             Like…

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