The Olszyk Rating System

Explain of Olszyk Rating System

No Reels – A film that is awarded no reels is not a film. It is consistently morally deplorable and may include unnecessary graphic violence or gore, pornography, and evil themes. It also has no artistic merit, being terribly made or exceedingly boring. These films should not be viewed by anyone for any reason. A film that is awarded no stars is rare; it’s only merit is a good apologetic proof of original sin.

One Reel – A film that is awarded one reel is a bad film. It may contain poor acting, laughable writing, and bland direction to low artistic effect. It also has no substantive moral purpose or endorses immoral ideas. In today’s world, where a family of five could easily spend $100 on tickets and food at the movies, one reel films should not be viewed by the average public. They may have limited merit for insomniacs.

Two Reels – A film that is awarded two reels is a mediocre film. This is a film of mild intelligence or mix moral messages. This kind of film may appeal to a specific demographic but leave others checking their watches; it provides casual entertainment but not constructive viewing. The best description of mediocre films is “meh.”

Three Reels – A film that is awarded three reels is a good film. It is pleasing to the eye, melodious to the ear, and warming to the heart. It is tells a good story well. It may not be worth the money to see in the theater but should be seen on home video or streaming. A good film is best seen on a Friday night with popcorn and a snoozing dog at your feet.

Four Reels – A film that is awarded four reels is a fantastic film. It demonstrates a high level of artistic merit and provides a thoughtful mediation or insight into the spiritual life of its viewers. It is worth the price of admission to a regular movie theater. Fantastic films, like fruits and vegetables, should be consumed frequently.

Five Reels – A film that is awarded five reels is a very special film. Like other great Catholic works of literature, it is a unique experience that propels your spiritual life forward. These films, while not appropriate for all ages, are required viewing for an educated Catholic and cultured human being. A five star review is rare, requires undistracted attention, and deserves repeated viewings.

This article first appeared in Catholic World Report on June 16th, 2013.