The 2014 Halftime Show

Ty Burell and Sam Eagle in Muppets Most Wanted
We are now six months into 2014 and a few months away from Awards season, so here's my best of the far.

1. Frozen-mania - From becoming the #1 film of 2013 four months into the following year to that mind blowing Once Upon a Time finale to the longest and most boring ride at Disneyland, Frozen has proven to be a worldwide cultural phenomena. I couldn't be happier.

2. The screenplay to The Lego Movie - Not since Muppet Treasure Island has a family film existed where nearly every line is funny.

3. The soundtrack to Muppets Most Wanted - Bret McKenzie is a musical comic genies, but Flight of the Concords already proved that. This sequel is funnier and more sophisticated than the original with a soundtrack full of catchy tunes. Like the original, there's also a mystery guest duet with Miss Piggy that steals the show.

4. God's Not Dead - The best film of the past six months, maybe the year. Time will tell.

5. The pro-life message of Gimmie Shelter - While October Bay, Juno, and Bella had their moments, this is the film that really has the power to change lives.

6. The "Time in a Bottle" scene from X-Men 7 - The biggest laugh of the year with spectacular editing and special effects to boot.

7. Doc of the Dead - Great documentary on the history of the zombie genre, except a brief segment about a Walking Dead porn parody. That's gross - even for zombies.

8. Sam Reily's as Dievel in Maleficent - It's a small but nuanced performance that takes a relativity unimportant character from the original and really fleshes it out well. 

9. Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley in The Fault in Our Stars - These two have some the best onscreen chemistry of any romance film. Made a little creepy by the fact they were brother and sister in Divergent.

10. Divergent - 1984 for teenagers. Super cool.

TV Shoutout - Paranormal Witness and The Wil Wheaton Project are fantastic.