Five Predictions for The Force Awakens

Since announcing the return of Star Wars to the screen in 2012, theories have abounded about the plot line of the next three films which will finally be revealed next week. Here are my five predictions:

1. Luke Skywalker is the masked "villain" in the trailer - This is probably the most famous theory of all, but my own little little twist. First, Luke is not Kylo Ren. Some have speculated that the casting of Adam Driver is a ruse, but I'm predicting that Driver will appear as Kylo, but the masked man is Luke. While he looks awfully vicious, Luke might not be evil; it may just appear that way. To the question "where's Luke in the
trailer," my answer is "he's been there the whole time."

2. Ray is Han and Leia's daughter - First, she looks the part. Second, she would be the right age. Third, it would mirror Luke's backstory. Fourth, it would far fetched to assume Han and Leia had no relationship in thirty years even if they are seperated now. My only question is where she got that British accent.

3. Finn is a clone - We've never seen behind the mask of the trooper before, but my guess is that they are the modern descendants of the clones from episode two. Finn also mentioned that he was "raised for one purpose."

4. Han Solo will die - First, Harrison Ford has been vocal about how he encouraged George Lucas to kill off his character during the original trilogy. Second, Ray is clearly morning someone in the last trailer. What would be more tragic than loosing your father right after you finally met him?

5. There will be some kind of Star Wars/Star Trek crossover - By "crossover" I don't mean that Captain Kirk or the Enterprise will appear but there will be some sort of subtle reference to the franchise, like a character muttering the phrase "final frontier" or "boldly go" in passing. First, JJ is directing. Second, he cast Star Trek alum Simon Pegg in a role that has yet to be confirmed.

I'll be reviewing this first with great joy for CWR before Christmas, so stay tuned!